Most Subscribed Twitch: Bend It Like Beckham!

most subs on twitch

It’s no secret that the most popular streamers on Twitch earn fabulous money. For them, computer games have long ceased to be just a hobby and turned into a source of income.

Recently, streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins told how his career has began and said that now his income is 500 thousand dollars per month. Ninja previously set the record for Twitch. His broadcast, which was attended by Canadian Rapper Drake, watched more than 600 thousand viewers!

Let’s take a look at the top streamers from the Twitch and who has the most subscribers on twitch.

Nick: drdisrespectlive
Game: PUBG

His name is Herschel Guy Beahm. And that’s his real name. DrDisRespect is just an image. That’s what the Beahm community calls a “video game wrestler.” Signature style: wig, gaming headphones, black sunglasses, and a biker vest. Kind of a movie hero from the ‘ 80s, mowing down the coolest guy in the neighborhood. He has one of the most subscribed twitch. He constantly reads and uses the promotional catchphrase. Wrestling pundits would compare him to Steve Austin or CM Punk. The stream of Beahm — hours of submission. Only for this, he does not need to jump off the ropes in an acrobatic jump. But he touches not only this.

During a difficult period, Beahm’s wife advised Him to do streaming. This happened at a time when DrDisRespect was busy moving the family to Washington state to start working on World of Tanks. At some point, he met with the founders of the service Boom.Tv. They hired him as a consultant. As a result, the company financed the Studio, its rent, and for this Beahm shared the profits with them. That’s when my wife suggested we go to all-in, and then whatever happens. So, DrDisRespect did the main work stream. 

Nick: Lirik
Game: Variety

He lives in the USA, the real name of — Saqib Zahid, age — 26 years. On average, it is watched by 20-25 thousand people 6 days a week –  it is one of the highest sub count on Twitch. The amount that the streamer earns in a month, indecent voice. We can only say that Lirik lives in a separate house, where it is two PCs (for stream-flow and game), all kinds of gaming consoles and virtual reality headsets, and in the garage flaunts Audi A4 (in a couple of her streamer wants to purchase any model of Tesla).

Nick: loltyler1
Game: League of Legends

It is considered to be the most toxic streamer on twitch, but all in all, he has one of the most subscribed twitch. His popularity Tyler gained due to the aggressive manner of communication and insults teammates. No stream did not do without screams, and often it came to inappropriate actions, the door in the background is proof of that. Also, he has his small online store and YouTube channel for 739 thousand subscribers. Haters call Tyler a dick. Who would neither judge about this guy, one he was able accurately to become popular?


Nick: syndicate
Game: Minecraft 

Tom Cassel (born 23 June 1993), better known as Tom Syndicate or simply Syndicate, was a British Youtuber and video blogger. He also has most sub on twitch. He hosted a YouTube channel that ranked in the top 100 most visited channels on the site. He is also Vice-President the website roulette, which brings him a regular income.

Nick: Shroud
Game: PUBG

Michael Grzesiek aka Shroud is well known on Twitch. At the time, Michael won prizes in such tournaments as the NEC Cup, the ESL Pro League S4, Americas Minor, ECS S4 and ESL One Cologne.

After leaving the CS:GO team, Shroud remained in Cloud9 as a streamer. After the COP he became interested in PUBG and Fortnite. Shroud has some special charisma, he is loved by hundreds of thousands of fans thanks to the excellent Ayma, and understanding games. 

Nick: summit1g
Game: PUBG

Jaryd summit1g Lazar, and Shroud, spoke at the professional CS:GO scene for the Mythic team. He began to stream this game immediately after release, but the main glory was given to him by streams on fresh (at that time) game Once WarZ (aka ‘Infestation: Survivor Stories’). The streamer then switched to competitive CS: GO at ESEA and FPL venues. Before he started streaming, Jarid worked as a foreman for a cable company. Summit1g is also known for ARMA 2, 3, H1Z1, DAYZ and RUST.

Nick: ninja
Game: Fortnite

Richard Tyler Blevins is currently the most popular and richest streamer in the world. Tyler’s primary activity is charity streams, so in February 2018, Tyler raised $110,000 they would be donated to the American suicide prevention Fund. He is often a guest star at popular eSports events. On average, each stream Tyler watching from 90-150 thousand viewers. He has the most subscribed twitch.

At the time, Tyler Ninja Blevins played professionally for Renegades in the HALO 5 discipline. This is the team Tyler took 5-8 place in the HALO World Championship. Tyler now holds the stream on the Fortnite team in Luminosity, but this also held the stream for Team Liquid and Cloud9. 

Most subscribed twitch

“When I started streaming, I was working for Noodles & Company [a fast food chain] and was in College. I streamed Halo while continuing to study hard to secure my future. You, guys, can’t just drop everything and just play video games to make a living. There are a lot of competitors in our industry, and if you want to try, first make sure that your future is all right and right now you have free time,” Ninja believes.

Ninja famous stream on Fortnite, his Twitch channel is already more than 6 million subscribers. He also added that the most money he brings Amazon Prime subscribers and videos on his YouTube channel, which has more than 5 million subscribers as well as most subs on twitch. 

Final word

Streaming today meets all international standards: broadcasts are not only interesting but also high quality. Many presenters improve formats and fill streams with paid content, which eventually brings them popularity. 

Minute fame on a viral video is not about the streamers from this collection, they are all hard workers and try to make the content as good as possible. At least we believe it.

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