How Can Video Copywriting Make Your Business Go Gangbusters?

what is a copywriter

Can you imagine a business who do not generate any content? Of course, not, it’s impossible, at least for a successful business. Content is a means of communication. It can be a text for websites, for commercial proposals, for landing pages, for white papers, for newsletters and, of course, for video scripts. If there are a lot of articles about how to write copy that sells and some basic tips, the topic of video copywriting remains to be uncovered.

But to fully understand all the specifics, let’s be methodological about the question.

What is copywriting?

What is copy writing? Copywriting is the art of writing texts; it drives trade and brand promotion, especially when it comes to online marketing. And it can be of two types: copywriting as interesting creative writing of slogans, posts or notes, and SEO-copywriting, which is the basis for the successful promotion of sites and online stores in search engines. So what is a copywriter and what does a copywriter do?

Accordingly, a copywriter is a specialist in creating promotional and presentation texts. However, this definition is already outdated, and now the copywriter should possess multidisciplinary knowledge and skills in working with text. Moreover, this is not limited to knowledge of grammar and the ability to write articles. The copywriter should be guided by the topic, find common ground not only with a customer but also with the audience he or she writes about.

A genuine specialist can write both informational articles and advertising calls to buy goods or use services. This specialist takes into account all the requirements of the customer – from the volume of the article to the entry of keywords.

What is video copywriting?

Video content is popular now, no doubts. Well, that’s OK as there are a lot of benefits which it brings to business:

  1. Conversion increase;
  2. Traffic increase;
  3. Building the trust of clients;
  4. The increase of website visibility;
  5. Growth of regular clients;
  6. Personalised approach to each client;
  7. Additional platform for communication.

That’s why video copywriting is so sought-after.


In simple terms, video copywriting is the creation of selling videos. The direction is developing rapidly because a picture is worth billion words. But you need to understand that it is a proper script with a set of mandatory elements that alternate in a certain sequence which sells. Did I intrigue you? 

It is difficult to say what is more important in this case: a good selling text or a correctly selected video sequence. Most likely, these two components harmoniously complement each other and therefore act very effectively.

What are the requirements?

The main task of the video is to strengthen the impression, to draw not an imaginary, but a visual picture. And any, not even the most interesting text, backed up by a visual backdrop, will give a much greater effect than ordinary good text.

A selling video can be of any type: from PowerPoint presentations to a full-fledged video. It all depends on your technical capabilities and imagination. You can make slide shows, or you can alternate slides with video. The main thing to remember is that the video should attract attention and be on point. And it should be of good quality. These are three prerequisites for the video.

The text in video copywriting is the basis of the presentation, so it should be easily audible, understandable, interesting, and contain all the elements of a selling letter.

Now I will list the main points: a catchy beginning; a problem or several problems that the sold product will help to solve; a wonderful offer that you can’t refuse; deadline; reviews that remove all objections and, of course, bonuses.

What is a video copywriting

Psychological triggers in video copywriting

When producing a selling video, you should not neglect the best practices of marketers. Someone will object that in the usual selling text, psychological triggers are also used, and I will not argue with this. But keep in mind that here the effect will turn out much stronger. Therefore, do not be lazy, study all the psychological tricks that are used in copywriting, and implement them in your video presentations. Here are some of them.

  • Deficit. People are always eager to buy what is in short supply. Apparently, this is what we inherit. And if it is, we must use it, creating an artificial shortage of the product we are selling.
  • The problem and its solution. People do not buy a product, but a solution to their problem. Your task is to paint the problem in all colors and then offer a simple solution in the form of your product.
  • Trust. People buy only from those who are trusted. Strive to earn the trust of potential customers, and they will become your real customers.

The structure of a selling video

Before you start building the structure, gather information

Airtime on television and other media is expensive. Many advertisers, trying to save money, order short videos, usually for 30 seconds. This time is enough to provide basic information and encourage buyers to act. But to fit everything that the advertiser wants to say about his product or service can be very difficult. After all, there is a lot of information, and to the customer, as a rule, everything seems important.

how to write copy that sells

The first step is to highlight key points. Write them down in paragraphs according to priority. The most important thing should be presented at the beginning, and what you wouldn’t like to talk about should be put at the end. Be sure to check this list with the customer. Remember that your vision may be different from his or her, but there must be a final word belongs to him or her. Having this list in hand, you can proceed directly to writing the text of the commercial. Take a look at the structure for a good video clip.

  1. Intriguing beginning;
  2. Colorful problem description;
  3. The solution to a problem with the help of your product;
  4. Benefits and advantages of your product;
  5. Call-to-action;
  6. Overcoming of the objections through reviews and stories;
  7. Warranties;
  8. Call-to-action;
  9. Deadline;
  10. Call-to-action;
  11. Bonuses;
  12. Final call-to-action.

Now you know that the most effective online sales tool for today is video copywriting. Try to implement it quickly, and it will drive you to the leaders. I hope that info will be useful for you. All the best.

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