Company Profiles: How To Arouse Consumer Interest?

Writing a company profile

If we compare a few texts about different companies offering different products, we get the following picture: “We are the best company, we have the best products at the best prices. Our team is the youngest and most promising. Our mission — … (there may be options from “save the world” to “make everyone happy”).

A rare visitor to finish reading this exciting fantasy to end. The reader wants to understand what will be offered to solve his problem and why he should choose this company.

Company profiles: What? Why? How?

The scheme of writing a company profile is radically different from the one on which traditional selling texts are written. The purpose — to convince the client that you understand his needs and you will be able to meet them. 

One of the main features of the text is that it does not have a clear structure. The experience of many copywriters shows that some unusual solutions shoot much better than templates. However, there are a few details that are better not to ignore:

  • welcome and introduction;
  • a short story about what the company does;
  • main advantage;
  • successes and achievements;
  • personal qualities of employees.

Also, some authors argue that the company profile content should also be a call to action. Invite the reader to go to the information pages of the site, see the product, or subscribe to the e-mail newsletter. Just do not encourage him to make an order or purchase. While you only introduce the audience to your company – the requirements in the forehead will inevitably scare her.

How to write a company profile?

You will cope with it brilliantly if you specify:

  • company name;
  • specifics of its activity;
  • the beginning of the activity and history of development.

Then, we need to earn the trust of a potential client. For this, you need to use the following scheme:

  1. Describe the advantages of the company. Ideally, you need to talk about a unique trading offer.
  2. Provide documentary evidence — scans of diplomas, awards, certificates.
  3. Add information about employees with their photos and description of work experience.
  4. Tell about the features of the production process, for persuasiveness adding photos of workplaces, etc.
  5. Inform about the achievements, supporting it with figures. For example, the number of delivered objects, satisfied customers.
  6. Briefly talk about plans and goals for the future.
  7. Finish the article is a call to action.

Real estate company profile

The author has a wide field for creativity here because there are no strict templates for company profiles:

  • Header. It is acceptable to use standard names — “About”, “About us”, “About XXX”. You can think of selling the title or prescribe it USP.
  • Representation. The basic information about the organization is given: its name, specifics of activity, year of foundation.
  • The repetition of USP, if appropriate.
  • History of the company (briefly), its achievements.
  • About employees. It is recommended to post photos, tell a little about the head, about the main employees and their qualifications.
  • Layout. Be sure to use the links to redirect the reader to other sections of the site.

It is not necessary to strictly follow the above scheme, you can add some other points if you wish.

Writing a company overview: Delivery and payment pages

The text “Payment and delivery” contains specific information about all available methods of payment and delivery of goods offered by the online store. Can you write a sales text for this page? Of course! It should contain:

  • Necessarily structured and concise.
  • Low water and a maximum of useful information.
  • All questions are broken down into individual units, or separated by subheadings.
  • Optimization for the key entry of “delivery”, “mail”, etc.
  • Keywords fit organically, for people and search engines.

The text elements for the page “Payment”. 

  • Delivery method. 

With short and extended descriptions, simple and clear visual design. If the online store is ready to transfer the purchase by bus or offers pickup – be sure to specify because it is the obvious advantage of the service. And about its unique advantages can not be silent.

  • Delivery to door. 

If in your arsenal there is such a service, then it is necessary to specify – to an entrance door or apartments. It is especially important for stores that sell dimensional goods.

  • Delivery with fitting. 

Be sure to prescribe all the conditions so that potential buyers do not have a false idea about this service.

  • Payment method. 

Similar to the previous item: listing all available payment methods with a detailed description and details. You need to make it as easy as possible for the buyer to buy.

  • Exchange and return of goods. 

This information can also be published on the “FAQ” page. We specify this point so that the potential buyer has an incentive to buy “Here and now”.

Other types of service pages

The service page includes sections of the site:

  • About the company;
  • Payment and delivery;
  • Warranty conditions and returns;
  • Partners, Cooperation;
  • Company reviews;
  • Q&A;
  • Contacts.

Warranty conditions and returns

This page is one of the mandatory for any online store, so it is necessary to issue the most informative and accessible. If you have a small online store and you sell a narrow range of products, you can place on this page related information on the warranty period for certain brands or product categories.


Many sites have separate pages for B2B representatives, which are called differently: “Partners”, “Cooperation”, “Suppliers”, “Wholesalers”, etc. the Essence is the same – to provide information that can interest potential partners and encourage them to contact your company. 


A good idea is to display a special widget where users can share their opinions from their accounts on social networks. It will also increase the degree of trust. After all, the visitor will be able at any time to write to the person who left a review and ask him to share the experience of buying in the store.

Question and answers

The page should display answers to the most common user questions. The advice is especially relevant in the case of trade in a specific product. 


In addition to general email addresses of the type, it is appropriate to prescribe further emails, lead managers or director. If possible, attach a photo of the facade of an offline store or issuing point with a map. Specify more contact numbers. Secondly, try to present all the information as clearly and compactly as possible from a visual point of view.

Final word

Customers don’t need a boring cliched text, idle talk, and boasting, information about the uniqueness and exclusiveness of the brand. Create a text, following the rule: tell visitors what they want to hear.

Put the client in the spotlight and build a story about the company’s business around him. Following this principle, you can choose the appropriate form of narration, type of content and style of presentation.

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