How to Create a SEO-optimized Article: Top 10 Secrets of SEO Writing

SEO texts

Optimizers engaged in the promotion of sites, constantly telling their customers about the need to write SEO articles to fill their pages. They consider it the only way to cover all the necessary requests. 

At the same time, not all of them know that the correct SEO writing in addition to the content of keywords and compliance with the frequency of their use should fulfill other requirements for SEO texts.

SEO content writing: the key to successful promotion

Seo articles are articles that contain keywords and most fully respond to user requests in the search. For example, you have an online store where you sell sofas. And some categories of people have an interest – to buy a sofa. People enter the query in Google search: “buy a sofa”. If the texts on your sites contain such a request, users can come and buy a sofa from your site. This directly leads to the answer to the question “Why do we need SEO-articles for the site.” The answer is:

  • to help the user sto find what they are looking for;
  • to serve as a kind of anchors for search engines: the better optimized all the content on the site, the higher the web resource will be ranked in the issue;
  • to keep users on the page;
  • to accelerate the conversion of visitors into subscribers/buyers.

Seo-optimized articles are an important component of a highly ranked website, and if the company decides to order the SEO-promotion of the website, writing texts will be mandatory. But it is a tool, not a panacea.

How to write a SEO-optimized article?

First of all, SEO web content writing should be focused on the person and of course be unique. The user is typing in the search engine key phrase (under which you optimize the text) and wants to find the answer to his question. You should know what your audience wants and answer with your texts. Let us sort out content writing tools for SEO:

SEO writing
  1. The plan of the article.  Before creating the SEO text for the site, each writer should make a plan for a future article, based on the topic he wants to disclose (selected under the provided key requests).  Most often these are thesis notes made on the basis of their knowledge or gleaned from at least 5 sources of information. Start the post by creating a clear structure. Each post includes:
    • Introduction. You need to guide the reader to what the issue about.
    • Main part. You should expand the topic of the post, give an answer to the question, expand the purpose of the text.
    • Conclusion. You need to summarize, express an opinion, lead the reader to the desired goal, lay a new idea for discussion in the comments.
  2. The volume of a text. It is desirable that the total size of a text does not exceed the requirements for SEO texts. The recommended limit is  2-4 thousand characters without spaces. Although sacrificing useful information for the optimal size of the article is not necessary. If the text has an interesting writing style and it is extremely useful, 5-6 thousand characters are not the limit. 
  3. Title. Before you write SEO text, you need to come up with a title, which can attract the attention of the reader, “surfing” the Internet. Ideally, when the title also contains the main key. 
  4. Headlines. The headlines are the structure of your page, so it makes sense to add them. They are important not only for readability but also for SEO. Headlines help Google to get the main topics of a long article and therefore display the page correctly in the search results. If you want people to easily find the information they need in your writing, use headings. The headings will guide readers, helping them navigate the page. 
  5. Keywords. Seo-texts are focused on improving the position of the site in the search. So, using the keys in the text, in the title and headings is obligatory. In them, by the way, you can insert the most complex and “uncomfortable” keys: “corner sofas” will look much better in the subtitle of the section than in the text. Finding keywords in the following places is positively perceived: 
    • headings;
    • titles and descriptions;
    • descriptions to the pictures; 
    • hyperlinks; 
    • lists.
  6. Italics and bold. You need to write SEO text using italics and bold type. But contrary to popular misconception, it should not highlight the key phrases (which immediately leads the reader to think about the real purpose of the existence of the article). 
  7. Signal words. They help people to perceive your text and convey the main idea. For example, you have 3 reasons for people to buy your product. Use signal words: “firstly,” “secondly” and “finally”. Also, the words” nevertheless”, “of course” and “really” can give a clear signal to readers. Readers will immediately understand that the conclusion will come after words such as “therefore”, “so” or “for this reason.” Thus, signal words are vital for text structuring.
  8. Clear structure. The monotonous and inexpressive text definitely will not cause positive emotions, even if there is a lot of necessary information inside and the topic itself attracts attention. To make the text easy to read, do not forget about the benefits of the following techniques: the presence of headings and subheadings; the division of the text into compact paragraphs; highlighting of important areas; the use of lists; placement of the photo and video materials; linking pages.
  9. Hyperlinks on pages. If the linking of the site is carried out correctly, the hyperlinks with the corresponding anchors lead to other pages close to the topic, which helps readers to understand better the essence of the issue that interests them. Search engines are also positively disposed to the relevant hyperlinks, rightly assessing their benefits in improving the usability of the site. Of course, the number of links should be within reasonable limits. Regardless of whether they lead only to other pages of the site or are directed to external resources.
  10. Relevance and usefulness of the content. It is important to write SEO text based on the latest information that is relevant today and not 5-year-old data. The visitor must understand that there is a really unique text in front of him, which he has never met. Also, do not neglect the expert opinion. Writing SEO content should be done in such a way that the reader believes in the exceptional knowledge of the author in the areas to which their topics belong. Besides, the text should be useful for the reader and answer all his questions.
Writing SEO content

Writing good content for SEO may require some work on the style and logic of construction. In order to write a well-optimized text, you need to use keywords, but do not make it spammed. The text should have a good and clear structure, should correspond to the requirements of uniqueness and usefulness. 

Final word 

Everyone needs to know how to write SEO texts, whether it is a blog, online store or information portal. As you can see, to understand everything is not so difficult. The main thing is to monitor what is happening in the world of SEO and improve your skills in writing texts that will bring your site to a new level.

If you have taken up the writing of the articles, then do it well. Otherwise, it is a waste of time, which will not be useful for anyone. While you are thinking about whether to write SEO texts or you can do the content of any quality, other sites one by one fall into the top.

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