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Hashtags do not work, they do not influence promotion, so I would rather not use them for likes and followers growth. That is what more and more bloggers of Instagram think. But, is it? Are hashtags dead? Let’s deal with it!

When the hashtags first started to sneak from Twitter to the TV, many people thought that they have never raised to popularity. However, people (including stars and TV-hosts), utilize them in the speech now. A hashtag is a convenient and free tool for promoting your content. People can search by name, location, or hashtag. However, It is obligatory to use hashtags for a person who suggests some products or services to users can find him. To automate this process, a person can use free hashtag generator, which can help to get the desired result much faster.

Why are hashtags so important on Instagram?

A hashtag is a key query, i.e. a word or phrase that Instagram users use to search for certain information. Therefore, hashtags for promotion on Instagram are used as a method of promoting certain photos and, accordingly, their profile. Such requests can be different: popular, new, declining, rare or lifestyle hashtags. All of them can help to build up an army of its followers.

The main function of such requests on Instagram is a thematic grouping of posts throughout the social network. Earlier bloggers used hashtags for likes and followings, but everything changed with the advent of services misspelling and misclicking.  Hashtags are used not only by your targeted audience but also by bots. So instead of clients, you have “dead souls” in your account. Do you need them? If not, use hashtags correctly and for such purposes:

  • To find customers. For example, #bagsforyou. On such a request you will be looking for CA.
  • To create categories. Use hashtags on Instagram to group posts into categories, which is very convenient for followers.
  • For marathons and competitions. To track completed tasks, come up with a unique hashtag.

Moreover, hashtags help:

  • Make a photo popular.
  • Get new subscribers.
  • Get likes.

Above all, Instagram hashtags are a great platform for communication, exchanging views, demonstration of your life, fashion images, hobbies, as well as searching for friends. But we can not miss the commercial interest, which exists on any such resources. Where there are millions of users, there is a possibility of earning, promoting your name, company, products, services. You can also find customers, partners, and even like-minded investors. To increase the conversion rates on popular Instagram hashtags, it is recommended to add them under your ads. It is not uncommon that only one hashtag helped to sell an expensive product. For a more efficient process, you can use special programs that will help you in the shortest time and with great performance to achieve the desired results. If you still do not understand what we are talking about, then pay attention to a wide range of automated assistants that will make it easier for you to work with hashtags, like free hashtag generator.

free hashtag generator

Types of hashtags

All-hashtags can be assigned to one of the types depending on the frequency of the request. In this regard, they are no different from the key phrases used in SEO or context. The frequency here is the number of posts marked with a specific tag. Total divided into four main categories:

  • rare — less than 500 posts;
  • low-frequency — more than 500, but less than 10 000 posts;
  • average frequency — more than 10 000, but less than 100 000 posts;
  • high-frequency — more than 100 000 posts.

Moreover, they are divided not only into types according to the frequency of their mention, but also on the types of their use:

  • Spam hashtags (e.g. follow me). Used for a set of likes or subscribers. Give a small effect. Use them little and carefully.
  • Geo-hashtags. Hashtags mentioning a city/region/country. If you have a local business, be sure to use them.
  • Content hashtags. They are relevant to the content of the post. Mandatory to use, as will lead the target visitors.
  • Osma. It is used to raise the activity of the account. However, you need to use trends close to the business.
  • Branded. Mandatory hashtags by which your customers will be able to learn Your posts. It’s your Instagram signature.
  • Rubricators. Used to navigate within your account. And also for promotions, contests, sweepstakes, and more.
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How to add hashtags to Instagram photos?

It is an easy process! In the description, you need to put the symbol “ # ” before the word, and it will turn into a label, then click on it and the search for this tag will open. The correct placement of hashtags is extremely important for attracting the target audience and the development of the account.

All-hashtags for Instagram can be registered in the caption to the photo or in the comments to it. Maximum their number for one photo – 30 units. This promotion tool is very similar to the key queries that search engines process information on the Internet and form the TOP results. Of course, the algorithm of promotion is much more complicated, but on Instagram, it is much easier.

Like keys, tags can be different:

  • regarding the location or geotagging;
  • concerning a certain country, city, region.

For instance: #cityscience. They have a keyword that refers to the product and binding to the city or the country.

If users are interested in certain tips or answers to questions, they can look for certain headings. It can be such phrases as #bagssale, #summerweather. These are more information requests, but people are looking for more useful information, not advertising comments.


How to write the correct hashtags on Instagram?

  1. Hashtags can be set directly inside the description text, highlighting some words. It is possible to place them on a separate line, at the end of the text or in the comments.
  2. Tags can contain any characters of the English alphabet, as well as numbers and special characters.
  3. Capital letters are equal to search Instagram to lowercase, you will not be able to stand out with them.
  4. Differences in hashtags even in one letter lead to the fact that the images fall into different search queries.
  5. Space separates different tags, so if you want to make a label of several words, they will have to be separated not by spaces, but in some other way. Hyphen, capital letters, and the like.

Remember, Instagram safes all the tags you have entered and when you once again write the symbol “#” it will give you a list of everything you could wish for. Use these options to make your work easier and faster.

How to find trending hashtags for your Instagram posts?

The method of selecting hashtags depends on the chosen marketing strategy: some authors focus on the use of some #tags and keywords, hoping at least some way to pick up subscribers around.

There are also those who focus on a narrow specialization – 5 hashtags and all the materials are ready for publication. The scheme of work for free hashtag generator will be different. What concept will work – depends on the quality of the added content (the audience that follows the tag will not subscribe if the photos or videos are not curious) and the correctness of writing hashtags:

  • You can post #tags in the social network Instagram without restrictions and in any part of the description – at least at the beginning, or before the point.
  • It is important to remember about grammar – tags with errors will not attract subscribers!
  • To form keywords, you can use Latin and Cyrillic, numbers, and at the same time capital letters.
  • After publication, all words marked with # are written to favorites, and after – are offered by the social network when forming new records.

Hashtags are an auxiliary tool that helps in the search. Do not give them too much attention and hopes inscribed on it. Labels should be set for people, and therefore they should be chosen accordingly. If you post high-quality content, users will reach out to you and tags will help them in this. Do not try to promote a mediocre account with some tags, this is a very questionable manipulation that does not bring real results.

As a rule, any attempts to push in each publication the maximum number of tags leads to the fact that the search engine begins to consider you as a spammer and omits in the searching. Therefore, you should pay attention to some features on Instagram:

  • Popular tags live extremely little. You have only a few minutes to get through the transitions. And in an hour, to find your photo, according to such words, it will be simply impossible.
  • Prespa hashtags complicate the perception of information for your subscribers. This process reduces interest in the content you post.
  • Spamming tags also leads to the fact that your unique tags may simply not notice in the total mass and they will become useless.
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How to put success hashtags on Instagram?

Do you know how many people search for “the most popular hashtags on Instagram in the USA” every month? Over 4,000! I have a question: why? Imagine that you used the most popular hashtag #selfie or #instagram.

At the same moment, thousands of users put a post with this hashtag. It is impossible to advance to the TOP 9 on such requests, so remember about such rules of using hashtags on Instagram:

  • select mid-range and low-frequency hashtags;
  • do not abuse, 30 hashtags in one post repel readers, a maximum of 5-7 pieces;
  • select only those requests that correspond to the topic of your post;
  • use different hashtags;
  • the text should contain a minimum of hashtags;
  • do not forget to open an account, otherwise, your posts will not be visible to users in the search for hashtags.

You can not prescribe more than ten hashtags for one publication from your hashtags list. If you choose to use more, they simply won’t count. It is necessary to carefully approach the selection of keywords. Do not attempt to set labels that have nothing to do with the image. Everything should be in moderation and tags in this regard is no exception.

Currently, Instagram search allows you to search within four categories:

  • Labels;
  • Places;
  • Best;
  • People.

Choosing one of the four categories, you can more accurately adjust the search settings, which allows you to find what you want quickly.

Prohibited Hashtags

Not all hashtags can be published, or rather you can register them, but you will not be able to find them. Since the page with the tabs of the TOP publications and the last records will be either partially blocked or blocked at all. The meaning of these labels, in this case, would not be just another reason for you to block. And then you have to ask for technical support Instagram to unlock your page, explaining that it’s not like you. Carefully review the blacklist of hashtags for 2019.

To check the hashtag, use the app, click on the “search” icon, enter the tag you are interested in with the grid. If it’s partially blocked, you’ll see 30 posts. In the “Latest” tab, it will say “Recent posts with the hashtag #xxx are now hidden, as we have received complaints from the community that some content may not comply with the Instagram Community Guidelines.»

Instagram Community Guidelines

Several recommendations

At the end I have some recommendations for you:

  • Modern trends suggest only one thing: make your account for people. It should be interesting and discreet, so you can increase the number of subscribers and likes.
  • Place high-quality photos.
  • Use specific hashtag list, where you can find the definite hashtags for facebook, hashtags for youtube, etc.
  • Use unique tags to divide your content into groups.
  • Do not engage in tag spamming.

Final word

In general, hashtags play not the first role. For example, promotion on Instagram can not be based only on the use of keywords. By placing thematic hashtags under the photo in your profile, you will bring the audience to the photo, which will mark it with a like. However, growth of audience and sales are not guaranteed.

Hashtags are a good way to attract customers if used them correctly. Follow the above tips, but do not forget to be creative! Remember, even the best content will not be popular if people can not find it. That is why it is so important to use hashtags correctly! Good luck!

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