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IG Buy Followers

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. Every day, developers improve it, make it convenient and useful for anyone. Today, this social platform can be used for any purpose, for example, for running your own blog, business, for posting videos of your exercising or funny pranks.

Here, you can let your imagination play. Of course, colorful pictures of breakfast in a new cafe and picturesque scenes from the Cote d’-Azur can be the business card of your account. But sometimes quality content is not enough to win the hearts of your TA. What then? If you dream of becoming an Instagram star, start with the googling “IG buy followers”! Why? Keep reading to learn!

The first step – determine for whom you run your Instagram and arrange the appropriate tags!

Ok, you have firmly decided to become famous on Instagram. Let start with the question “what for?”

Numerous researches prove that IG is the best platform for audience engagement. Such popularity of the social network can be explained simply: the visual content on which the developers of IG are staking is exciting to a wide audience and provides more opportunities for self-expression. This is noticed not only by fans of social networking but also by most global brands, representatives of small businesses, opinion leaders and micro-influencers.

Are you an average man, a woman, a girl or a boy who wants to have some fun on IG and nothing more? Or do you want to promote your small coffee shop? Are you a representative of Burberry? In any way, you need to come up with the promotional strategy which will reflect all your needs, aims and expectations.

Once, you have defined the purpose of the account, you have to decide for whom you are posting. What are these people interested in and where do they live, what wealth do they have got, what would they like to read and watch on your profile.

Write out on a piece of paper a list of tags that are suitable for your target audience, and begin to monitor them by the number of posts. The task is to select the most popular and relevant and put them under each photo. By Instagram rules, you can put no more than 30 tags at a time.

Tell people about yourself. How can the reader understand what information he will receive on your page? Fill out the profile description and tell about yourself: who you are, where you are from, what your profile is about your hobbies and interests. The text under the photo should be written in the language of your target audience.

the appropriate tags

The second step – make beautiful photos!

First of all, Instagram is about beautiful pictures that the eye clings to. Photography is a separate area of work, but you need to look deeper into it to make your account more appealing. Be sure to use daylight for shooting, avoid shadows, place objects according to the rule of thirds (visually divide the shooting area into 9 squares and place objects at the intersection of lines). The main subject should stand out.

Besides, post selfies more often. Some researches proved that the photos with faces on it are much more popular than others.

And, please, love the Mayfair filter. The company Track Maven has added this filter to the list of The Fortune 500 Instagram, as the best choice for marketers, believe it or not.

And more blue color! Studies have shown that blue images get 24% more likes than orange or red. Take a pic with something blue, and see for yourself!

The third step – find first followers! Where?

However paradoxically it sounds, I advise you to enter “IG buy followers” in Google search line. Why do you need it? Let’s look into it!

First, in such a way you can produce an impression. I dare to say that profiles with a more significant amount of followers trigger more trust and respect. So, make a splash, buy first followers!

Second, buying active Instagram followers, you buy the chance for a quick start of your promotion on IG. That is the fastest way to get your audience on IG. Surf a little on the internet, find the best Instagram booster.

Third, as you only start, you probably can not afford to spend an enormous amount of cash on promotion. To get more followers on Instagram instantly with the help of real followers booster is much cheaper than the services of PR agents – just around $10 for a couple of thousands of new supporters.

Attention! Once you get your first audience, you should not hold out hope that that’s a success. That was only your starting point. Now, you need to engage your audience and attract new followers as well. Thus, you will provide yourself with long-term Instagram success.

best time to post on Instagram

What next?

Great, you posted a couple of fresh pictures, bought Insta followers, what should you do further?

Be ready, you are off to do the hardest work ever – the promotion itself!

1. Choose the best time to post on Instagram

That’s a huge mistake to post on IG as you wish or have time. For successful development, the regularity of publications and the right time are essential. Do an experiment, determine the optimal number of posts and the time of their release. Usually, it is one or two publications per day, separated by time. For example, in the middle of the day and in the evening.

If you publish photos only a few times a week, then you should choose the heydays for that. Usually, these are  Sunday and Wednesday. As usually, people do not post on the weekend, use the chance to be noticed posting on Saturdays and on Sundays. Wednesday is suitable as a mid-week when it is appropriate to remind followers about yourself.

2. Use hashtags like there ain’t no tomorrow

Hashtags are the primary tool for promotion on Instagram (and free, by the way), but many people underestimate its importance. By adding popular hashtags to publications, you automatically attract TA. It is by hashtags how your potential followers can find you.

But you never know what hashtags can bring you hundreds of followers until you try.

Use common hashtags to see your photos in a global search. The most popular are #love, #instagood, #fashion and #photooftheday. It’s better to put one popular tag and a couple of niche tags to make sure that your acc won’t be lost in the stream of IG visual content.

If you are running a business account, create a branded hashtag. So users can specify it while buying a product. And it will increase your visibility on Instagram several times, I swear.

3. Follow like-minded fellows

Mass following is an Instagram principle according to which most people view the profiles of their new followers and, if they met people with similar interests, as a rule, follow them in response.

Our task is to find like-minded people among other Instagram users and follow them. You can narrow your search using hashtags or geotags.

It is essential to choose people with the most similar interests, then the chance of mutual following increases. And when they see that the number of your followers is not 0, it will persuade them better.

Follow like-minded fellows

4.  Like and comment on your followers

It’s not enough to start searching “IG buy followers.” I highly recommend you to start searching for “Instagram automation tool.”  Intriguing?

Once you get your followers and start your promotion, it’s vital to maintain the activity and to engage new followers. How can you do it? According to the subtitle, through liking and commenting on their profiles! Thus, you show them your interest, your involvement in their lives. And as Instagram is a place of mutuality, they will like and comment on your posts back.

But doing it manually is quite tiresome. Imagine, you got 150 new followers, you should open profiles of each of them, leave a couple of likes and write a couple of comments. It will take ages, I bet! That’s why it’s of extreme importance to use automation tools for that. They will do all the actions automatically, taking into account all the limits Instagram fixes. So you can relax and enjoy your life with friends somewhere in Florida.

5. Collaborate with other users

Find accounts with the same number of followers and offer their owners to arrange a joint action. This will help you and your partners to win an audience and attract the attention of new people.

Moreover, you can make an agreement with a famous blogger about advertising your profile or product. This way the information about you quickly spread across the network. But I want to warn you, that won’t be easy to find such a man.

One more tip 9 for business accounts: share photos of followers where they mention your brand or product. This step will show that you appreciate every customer. In exchange, they will definitely share your photos.

Collaborate with other users

6. Use Call-to-Action

Call people to action. For example, ask them to write in the comments your opinion about your photo.

Do not be shy to ask your followers to leave their likes under your posts. The researches show that such posts receive 89% more likes. And if you write the word “comment” in the text under the post, it will stimulate people to share their opinion.

7. Repost videos

Videos provoke more involvement than photos. They are more likely to become viral. New Instagram algorithms automatically select posts with a high level of involvement for the Search, which is liked and commented in the first minutes.

It’s great if you can create cool videos yourself, but if not, do not be frustrated. You can merely take popular videos on the subject of your account and make them repost. If everything works out, they will fall into the recommendations to your potential audience, and you will get new followers.

8. Get feedback

Also, do not forget about the interaction with your audience. Photo captions and comment replies are an effective way to establish contact with the audience and attract a new one.

Moreover, hashtags you use can add unique signatures to your publications. Ask for people’s opinions and engage them in the discussion. You can ask to like, comment on the picture and just wish a good day and you will be answered in the comments to the post.

Get feedback

9. Hold competitions

Competitions bring people together. They help you to communicate with the fans in your profile, while you always remain in the black, even if the investments were quite tangible. There are different forms of competitions on Instagram. You can arrange it in the form of a giveaway. Or you can offer them getting a prize only to the first who will fulfill all the requirements ( to like your post, make a repost, tag a friend.) It can be the category “Best photo with #…”

This method will increase your popularity, expand your reach, it can bring you more followers than any other means.


Promotion on Instagram is not an easy task. But there are lots of lifehacks which can help you towards the target. One of them, the most pleasant one is the ability to buy active followers for your profile. This method enables a quick start of your acc promotion as the number of followers is one of those things that make a favorable impression on IG users. Thus, seeing that you are trusted by a hefty amount of people, potential followers tend to follow you too.

But purchasing followers does not guarantee long-term success. You need to involve and engage the audience you get and expand your influence and gain new followers more organically.

  • For that, you need to take into account the time you post on IG and always use tags. Do not forget to follow acc similar to yours;
  • To establish contact with your fans, start liking and commenting on their posts, oh, and repost videos as well;
  • It’s of great use to collaborate with other users, that’s a kind of cross-marketing;
  • Do not forget to ask your supporters to like your post, people love when they are said what to do;
  • And always communicate with your audience, actively, get their feedback.

Friends, all those tips were inspired by my personal experience solely. I hope you will take my point. I wish you good luck and painless promotion!

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