5 Unmistakable Signs of Career Failure

Signs of Career Failure

Most of our decisions in life have no impact on our future: what nail liqueur to choose, what bread to eat for breakfast or socks of what color to choose. But to a certain extent, they affect our life as well, but it’s not what we going to talk about here. We all make bad decisions at least ones in our lives and only with time we realize what we have done wrong and what we have done right. We’ve gathered 5 signatures of the fact that you are going to make the biggest mistake in your career life.

Sixth sense

If you feel anxious during the interview for a new job, think why. If you are afraid of not coping with new tasks, but still feel that you are sufficiently competent, this is just a feeling of insecurity. But if with all possible bonuses, you feel an acute reluctance to go to a new office or communicate with new colleagues, it’s definitely time to reconsider your decision.

“We are accustomed to treating our intuition indulgently and not to believing when we forebode disaster. German psychologist Gerd Gigerenzer argues that intuition is not a guesswork. It’s just that our brain works so fast that we just don’t have time to see some strings of logic in it.”

Of course, you do not want to miss a great offer, but the feeling of discomfort will not allow you to enjoy the new work. Ask yourself the question: what will you do at this job in 10 minutes, 10 months, 10 years? Business writer Susie Welch argues that this particular question will help you decide.

Business writer Susie Welch argues

Do-or-die attempt

Under the pressure of circumstances, we can do something that is not typical for us. It happens that you need money and are ready to accept a job that does not suit you. When we feel panic, it is difficult to maintain objectivity.

“People estimate themselves differently than others see them. Sometimes it is what prevents them from adopting the viewpoint of another person, but sometimes someone else’s advice allows us to see how the wind is blowing.”

Ask what your close friend or relative thinks about your choice – someone who is not emotionally involved with your problem. Such a look at the situation will help to understand the alternatives, to calm down and to make the right choice.

Interested motives

Interested motives

The decisions we make affect us first and foremost. But sometimes in the white heat of an attack, we can do something to make people jealous, feel aggrieved or ashamed. But in this case, this is not a conscious decision, but an escape from the problem, and you will certainly regret it afterward.

“Scientists have found that those who consider themselves leaders often take upon themselves the decision-making, while the rest just pass the buck to others. If there are no people nearby to whom you can put the onus to, then the accusation of a wrong decision will fall to the lot of a hypothetical object: allegedly it was made for him, out of spite or against.”

If you listen to not only close people but also to every adviser starting from a school friend to a stranger in the subway, you are acting out of fear. You are looking for external support for your actions because you are not ready to recognize your own decision. You can ask for advice, it is not forbidden, but it’s only you who have to be responsible in this situation. Learn to trust yourself.

Theory of persuasion

If you have to persuade yourself that it is the best of all options in this particular situation, then, believe me, you really want something else. Your choice may be illogical, non-standard or biased, but it is your choice. When we cannot restrain emotions, we either panic or appeal to logic. But if you still can not convince yourself, it means that you have already made a decision.

“Stanford Professor Ronald Arthur Howard, in his work on Technical Economic Systems, developed a “decision analysis” process that was later applied in psychology. Howard said that it is not always possible to determine the quality of a decision by its result, which means that it is impossible to understand whether the decision will be correct. It is necessary to break it into segments that affect the result, and each of them to evaluate the costs, values, ​​and preferences.”

If this method does not work either, the “test with a coin” will help you understand yourself. To trust the coin’s decision is not an option, of course, but here you can listen to your heart. When you toss a coin, you already know the answer and, looking at the fallen out eagle or tails, you feel joy or disappointment. Your new place of job should bring you joy, satisfaction, and money. If you get only one thing, then such a decision will soon lead you to a dead end.

Growing panic

Growing panic

Any career changes will bring you out of the comfort zone, that is why stress can’’ be avoided. It is a rare case when the change of the surroundings comes easily. Along with fears, insomnia, and anxiety we feel the excitement, curiosity and foretaste, and new hopes as well. If your inner tremor is not accompanied by any of those positive feelings, it’s time to pause to think and maybe to change your mind.

Anxiety is an emotional discomfort associated with the expectation of troubles or problems. This is an evolutionary mechanism that keeps a person in suspense until a person adapts to new conditions.

But if there is no reason for anxiety but the symptoms do not go away, psychologist Melody Wilding advises not to disregard it. Do not look for excuses or reasons, but imagine a situation in which you would feel comfortable, and move in this direction.

Whatever decision you make on your career path, you need to remember that there is nothing wrong with you if you make a mistake. The wrong choice is the  movement forward as well , we just pay a little more for it. Perhaps the experience of the failure will stand you in good stead later. However, there are almost no irreparable decisions, and as soon as you realize that you take the wrong turning, start looking for an opportunity to find the way. Do not go back to normal, but allow allow all possibilities that the certain situation offers to you and move in the right direction.

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