Instagram for Dummies

Instagram for Dummies

Every day there are lots of people who make their first steps into the magic world of Instagram. Teenagers, young moms, abuelas and school teachers. Every person pursues his or her own aims. Ones want to become famous, others want to promote business with its help, the third ones just want to spy on their ex’s new girlfriend.

For not knowing people using Instagram can become just a nightmare (just joking). Instagram is quite easy to use and very user-friendly.

If you are reading it, probably you are a beginner and don’t want to humiliate yourself and to lose face.

This  user guide “instagram for dummies” will tell you how to make your first steps into Instagram without loses.
Here you will find some interesting Instagram terminology and useful tips. Let’s start at the very beginning.

Instagram is a popular, fast growing, free Social Network. It offers visual content above text. So if you don’t like reading much and prefer watching photos and videos, Instagram is your cup of tea.

Instagram is your cup of tea

Instagram users are…
– primarily they are girls and women of 16-40 years old (79 %). Don’t worry there is 21 % of men still.

On Instagram you can…
– promote your business;
– promote yourself;
– sell things like clothes, accessorize, coffee and so on.

Instagram advantages are…
– the relative ease of use;
– lots of options and tools that will be of some use for you, some of them are really funny, but we’ll talk about them later.

Instagram disadvantage is…
– get-tough policy: to get ban from Instagram for breaking its rules is like taking candy from a baby.

The first step you have to undertake is to upload the app. Go to the App Store or to the Google Play and do it. I believe in you. Next step is creating your personal or business account. And let’s stop there for a sec. This beginners guide to Instagram will tell you what to do.

Personal Account

Creating your first account

Personal Account
The simplest one. Here you can upload your photos and videos, apply filters, communicate with followers, leaving comments and writing direct messages.

Business Account
More functional one. You can add here your contacts and location. The owner of a business account can moderate comments and ban other users (very entertaining). Plus there is an option of “Analytics”. Thus, you can see the coverage and growth of your audience.

Moreover, in order to create a business account, you have to create a business page on Facebook first and only then to connect it to your account on Instagram. Done!

Now it’s time to take care of the arrangement and the design of your newborn account.

Information Arrangement

Give it a name. Name and surname if it’s your personal account ( of course, you can show yourself and create something curious, but it would be much easier for your acquaintances to find you there if you use a real name) or your company’s name. Do it in a simple and understandable way, without any gizmos.

Avatar. Well, that can be your photo or the company’s logo. One advice, use quality images. ( it’s not only about the avatar picture but about the whole content as well.)

Description. What’s desirable to note:

Sphere of activity. Do you knit socks? Write it down! Are you a beginner photographer? Well, there you are.

All rewards and credits. Mention it in case you will promote yourself as a specialist or as Miss Universe.

Your city, town, village.

Contacts. If you have WhatsApp, write about it.

Hashtags. Thus, people can find you easier and faster. Otherwise, it will be like looking for a needle in a bundle of hay.

Link on your website. Add UTM builder to its URL so you can track the customers’ movements.

It’s not obligatory to accomplish all the points mentioned in this instagram tutorial for beginners. Just think what are your followers really interested in. If this manual “instagram for dummies” seems useful to you, stay with me, I will tell you more.

Requirements to photo and video content

Photo. Primarily Instagram is associated with photos. That’s why it is of extreme importance to keep a check on what kind of photos you are posting.

Do your own photo. Nobody likes copy-cats, honestly. And it’s Instagram who doesn’t like it most ( and your ban will wait for you right around the corner)

Post only top-level photos. Have you heard about the 3Q rule? no? 3Q = quality, quality, and quality 🙂

top-level photos

Text. You can add text on your photos but it’s better for them not to cover more than 20% of its space.

Personal advice: share bright photos, that will bring out emotions like happiness, nostalgy, affection. Such photos gain more likes.

Video. You can add short videos or conduct online broadcasting.

The maximum length of video on Instagram is 60 sec. Recording or uploading a video you can apply filters, add description and mark location before posting.

Stories. Stories is a kind of slide-show consisting of photos and videos of temporary nature. It means that it will be deleted automatically in 24 hours
The main feature of Stories is their allocation. You can see them at the very top of the page, that means that they have priority in here.

In addition, you can make those slides so many times as you want. No limits for your generous soul. And the fact that you can trace all people who watch it brings some spice to it.

Direct Messages. It’s one of the basic features of Instagram. Posts in the News Feed is great. But if you want some privacy, DM is for you. It’s a perfect way to share some content with your friends in private without showing it to everybody.null

Content Requirements  

Probably each of us has asked yourself this question at least once, even people who are grey-headed at “all this Instagram stuff”.

You can answer it only after making a “research” on your audience and analyzing your brand.

Showrooms post photos of clothes and shoes, and their happy customers sometimes. Cafes, restaurants, and bars share photos and videos of their dishes and beverages, all stylistic arranged and look tasty.

Some companies post photos and videos right from the office, or from the company party, making you feel jealous.

One more advice for the newbies. Learn more about popular bloggers from your sphere. Look what they share with their audience, analyze its response. That will help to understand your audience. Pay attention to the exact time of posting and even hashtags. Small things matters! But there is no need in doing the same thing, find yourself and your own style of content. It can be the style of photos, its certain palette or a particular filter.

Share your post regularly. But do not do that too often. Omnipresence is not required and sometimes annoying. Count on the quality, not quantity.

Captions and hashtags. Theoretically, you can add text for 2200 signs to your post. But for what? People won’t read it anyway. Instagram is not about texts. Set a limit to 2 or 3 lines. Provide a company for your text. I’m talking about hashtags. There are different hashtags in Instagram: several of them are popular and used for promotion and fast search, another serves for more detailed search. By the way, you can create your own hashtag. For instance, #coolarticle. Once again, 5 -10 hashtags will be enough, I think. Hashtags are quite helpful when gaining wider coverage on Instagram.

Filters. Filters are one of the creative Instagram tools, through which you can stand out from the crowd to a certain extent. Right after the registration, there are 23 filters at option, and regularly new filters appear, so you can edit not only your photos but videos as well, whatever your heart desires. For example, Сlarendon makes the photo or video lighter and colors brighter, pointing out the objects in the forefront. Gingham is for vintage lovers. Ludwig brings some contrast and deepness to your picture.  With Kelvin, you can make your landscape photos brighter, and sunset more chanting.

Let’s go to a more interesting part…

Instagram For Dummies: Little Tip

That was a so-called technical part of the dummies guide to Instagram. You’d learned how to create an account and how to arrange it making it stunning. Besides, now you know how to choose content and how to prepare it. 

There is one trick for those who want to address their accounts seriously. Create a Professional account. It will give you a lot of benefits. First, you will get access to advanced statistics, which is quite useful for tracking the results of all your activity. Second, the contact button will become available for you. Thus, your followers (and other users as well) will get the chance to contact you faster. And finally, you can choose your specifics which be displayed. That will help your visitors to understand who you are and what you can offer to them.

Instagram Popularity

Gaining first Followers. No need to worry that you will be alone in this Instagram world. Once you create your account, a couple of accounts of shops, beauty salons or just occasional people will subscribe on yours.

Be ready. Fill your account info, add a couple of photos. Who wants to subscribe on an empty account?

Find your first followers among friends. The easiest way if you are not a misanthropist (But if you are a misanthropist, then what are you doing in Instagram?):

Notify your friends on Facebook or on other Social Media, send them a link of your account. Wait.

Add your Facebook, Vk, WeChat profile to Instagram.
If you are lucky enough and you have friends with many followers, ask them to make a post with your profile mark.

your core audience

Promotion. First, find your core audience. For that purpose, you need to search for accounts with the help of these hashtags. Be guided by leaders in your sphere, follow their example. Make a list of those accounts. They and their followers are the people whom you need to attract first.

If you managed to find your audience. Now it’s time to make your followers of them. How?

Following. The principle of the mutual following is really working out on Instagram. Subscribe on people who seem interesting to you, and maybe they will follow you back. Let’s dream wild!

Likes. Once you subscribed, leave a like to 5-10 posts( do not like every post, people will think you are a mad stalker)


People love this feeling of uniqueness when some strangers leave comments under their photos. 3 rules to remember here for you:

Leave your comments more often for unpopular accounts, I mean those who do not have lots of followers. Because it’s of higher probability for them to pay attention to your account. Moreover, they will follow you out of gratitude.
Comment Stories and Live-stream more actively.
Comments should be on business and not too short. Show your interest in this person.

Leave comments regularly and their account owners will subscribe on you back and consequently, their audience will do the same.

Always interact with your audience not to lose them. They are as capricious as young Tatar. visit their pages, leave likes and comments under their posts. Remind them about yourself. Do not forget to respond to their comments as well.

All this activity is extremely time-consuming. You can save your time using various services of the automatic following. There are lots of them actually. They manage and operate the activity on your account: they leave likes and comments, follow and unfollow other accounts. But as I mentioned at the very beginning of this article, Instagram is quite a strict papa who doesn’t allow all the suspicious activity around you.

Progress estimation

The number of followers or followers (call them as you wish, you can even fabulate a special name for your followers like celebrities name their fandoms) doesn’t say anything. You should take into account the engagement rate of your audience. In layman’s terms, it is the correlation between the number of followers and the number of likes.

Good engagement is around 5%. If you have 1000 followers and each post gather 50 likes, that is not a bad index. And if it’s raising higher with time is better.

So, let me take full stock of the article for an Instagram beginner.

Instagram beginner

1. Instagram is a dope app for sharing photos and videos.
2. You can create both a personal and a business profile.
3. Properly choose your name and avatar, carefully write a description and do not forget to mention your sphere of activity, all your rewards, and your location. Put down your contacts and hashtags. Insert the link on your website.
4. Post only your own photos and videos. They should be of good quality.
5. Record Stories and write Direct Messages. They are entertaining.
6. Create interesting content for your audience. Do not let people be bored.
7. Do not write long texts and use hashtags.
8. Add some filters to your photos to make them more attractive.
9. Notify friends that you are on Instagram now. They will be your first followers.
10. Promote your account through activity: leave comments and likes, interact with other users.
11. Analyze your activity and your audience engagement.

In conclusion, Instagram gained such popularity among celebrities for a good reason. It is used by film stars, show-business stars, sportsmen, housewives, and pupils. Thanks to Instagram celebrities can be closer to their fans, average people can feel as such a celebrity, businessmen and businesswoman can promote their business.

So follow the trends, create your own ones and Instagram will become a great experience for you.

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  • Margo| 2019-08-21

    Oh, great article! Everything is explained in plain English. I’m not a newbie, but still, that was educational. Some tips were put on notice. Thanks!!

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