15 Tips on how to use Instagram like a Pro

Check yourself! I bet you don’t know all the tips!

Instagram is my beloved social network. I adore creating new profiles and making them insanely popular. It’s just like a hobby, I feel myself like I’m on top of the world, you know. So stay here and I will drop a little bit of my experience, that I think will definitely help you in the promotion of your personal or commercial acc.

One account – one topic.

Your IG account must be focused on one topic. Don’t mix personal stuff like low-quality selfies and professional business posts. Never mix fashion blog and architecture projects. Stay true to one style, one topic, and one target audience. It’s really easy to find your fans when you have well-structured content.

Media plan and regular posting

Treat your Instagram blog as your dream job. Stick to the time-schedule and improve your everyday work. I advise having a detailed but agile media plan even for a month ahead. Trust me, that constant work and analysis of your strategies will bring unbelievable results.


It’s one of the essential blogging IG tips: high-quality photo is a key to your success. I don’t know, how to explain the importance of it. Just make your gallery full of beautiful pics and don’t forget to adhere to one style.

how to use Instagram


Tell a story by an addictive-to-watch video. If you are a fashion blogger – strike a pose and show some looks. If you have a handicrafter, show the process of creation. Use your imagination and make amazing videos for your fans.


If you are out of ideas of what to post on Instagram tag relevant accounts or make collaborative projects. Find the accs, that are similar to yours and exchange the audience. You will enrich each other’s accs and make everybody satisfied. Friends will be friends!

IG is a social media network. Social, do get it? Give likes to your fans, follow your idols, answer to every damn comment unless you have 10000+ of them under your picture.  Show people that you care about their opinion. Don’t be afraid to put interesting questions to your target audience under your photos. It will bring extra popularity to your profile, I promise.

Use hashtags

Please, I’m begging you to use hashtags. They help users to find your gallery. There are dozens of services, that provide hashtags generators for free plus they are accompanied by smart analytics. Here’s the tip. Look at the analytics and constantly use the most convertible hashtags and omit low-convertible ones.

Time to post

Post in the time zone of your target audience. Choose it wisely. Think, who would be interested in your content and in what country do they live. If the time difference is significant, use posting modules. It will ease your life and will help you to plan your content for the months ahead.  

Direct Messages

There’s a great way to use direct messages for your benefit. You can meet and greet every new follower or send hundreds of messages to a chosen group of IG followers. Browse the Internet and choose the best IG bot for your convenience.

Landing page

The possibilities to share your thoughts are really limited on IG. That’s why many professional instaholics have a dedicated landing page as their personal blog. I advise having a separate useful and structured website, that represents you.


It’s obvious, but not every Instagram pro shortens huge URLs. If you want to share a link, please note in your BIO and use Bitly to make it look better. It’s a simple care for your account to look better and really convenient for your followers.


When you Instagram like a pro, you must use take a constant look at the analytics. Check every idea’s success and build a strategy based on the most successful decisions. It’s like sailing in the sea of ideas but directing yourself to the success.

Extra tools

There are a lot of great tools to create smart quotes and useful graphics. Visualize your thoughts and don’t forget to do it in style. Share your favorite quotations to make people desire to repost your content. It will bring new visitors and create a nice impression for your audience.


Don’t ever buy followers or likes. Stay true to your audience and always find active and real people as your followers. Nowadays it’s very easy to check whether your followers are real people or not. You won’t get any benefit of dishonest ways of promotion. No advertiser will pay for an empty account.

Be yourself

Stay true to yourself. Never try to pretend to be someone. People won’t believe you and will never follow a shallow person. Be yourself, you are amazing just the way you are. If you love yourself people will do the same. True story.

Hope you will find my thoughts useful and practically applicable to your IG account. Now you know how to use Instagram like a pro 🙂

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    Good advice, thanks for the article )

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